RALEIGH – Former UNC football player Michael McAdoo is speaking out again and says tutors steered him to fraudulent classes at UNC.

The News and Observer reports that McAdoo says the academic environment for athletes at UNC was a scam while he was there.

Former African and Afro-American studies department chair, Julius Nyang’oro faces a felony charge of accepting payment for a class he didn’t teach. Hundreds of classes were found fraudulent in an external review by former North Carolina governor, Jim Martin, under the leadership of Nyang’oro since 1997.

Another person who may be charged in connection with fraudulent classes is department administrator Deborah Crowder. Orange and Chatham County District Attorney said there is one other person who could be charged, but has not named who that is.

McAdoo and other athletes are suing the NCAA for claiming they were given a meaningful education while the NCAA makes large sums of money by using the athletes’ likenesses.

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