UNC Chancellor Carol Folt isn’t done with this year’s Student Body President.

Christy Lambden handed over the SBP seat to Andrew Powell earlier this month, but instead of heading back to his motherland, he’ll be one of the first to hold the position of Chancellor’s Fellow at UNC.

He declined to comment on the position deferring to the Chancellor’s Office.

Lambden is a native of Shepton Mallett, England. In May, he’ll receive his degrees from Carolina in Philosophy and Political Science.

UNC News Services told WCHL that Lambden and at least two other people selected for the job will rotate in assisting the Chancellor’s office, the Development and the Communications divisions, and will be given a few assignments in Student Affairs and Research.

Lambden told the Daily Tar Heel that he’s awaiting visa approval before he can be sure he’s got the job. However, News Services did say that he was officially chosen and accepted the position. It shouldn’t be hard for someone at the University to give a call to the U.S. Department of State to ask for the process to be expedited.