CHAPEL HILL- Numerous faculties at the University of North Carolina are continuing to reiterate the importance of education first over athletics after the ongoing academic scandal.

The athletics reform group, a collection of faculty formed due to the student-athlete scandal has proposed a “statement of principles” that will be presented in a Faculty Council meeting at the end of the week.

The document in progress involves three reforms. The statement changes include assuring athletes financial support for legal advice if they are indicted of misconduct by the university or the NCAA, increasing the amount of learning specialists, and prohibiting football games during weeknights.

There is a home football game scheduled for Thursday night during the 2013 season; however students will be on fall break.

The reform group has also suggested there be multi-year town hall meetings to start in March.

As the reform process is up and coming, the university is continuing to state the foremost importance of attending UNC – an education.