RALEIGH – Week four of the NAACP protests continue Monday evening in Raleigh outside the General Assembly. So far 96 people have been arrested during what state chapter President William Barber has declared “a wave of civil disobedience” against what they call a regressive state agenda.

Tye Hunter and fellow church members from the United Church of Chapel Hill are attending Monday’s protests. Hunter and his wife Wanda were arrested during the rallies on May 6.

“I think some things are being done that are radical changes for North Carolina and bad changes for North Carolina. I’m doing what little I can do to draw the public’s attention to those facts,” Tye Hunter said.

“All of the different bills, there just seem to be so many of them—dozens and dozens— that seem to me to be unjust and immoral and even racist,” Wanda Hunter said.

Chapel Hill Carrboro NAACP Chapter President Robert Campbell says he will also attend Monday’s protests.

“There are issues before the Senate that will cause harm to the general population. We’re doing these protests so that we can bring a spotlight to the unethical things that are happening in our capital city”

49 people were arrested during  last Monday’s “Moral Monday” and faced charges of violating building rules, failure to disperse and trespassing.

General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver says those who have been arrested during previous rallies are warned before entering the building that they would be arrested again for trespassing.

Protesters are set to gather outside the State Legislative Building at 5:30.