NEW YORK – Our state continues to make the rounds on late night talk shows, with The Daily Show taking a few jeers at the North Carolina General Assembly this week.

John Oliver, the show’s temporary host while Jon Stewart is away for the summer, starts the show talking about voter reform bills across the country before settling on North Carolina and listing the list of changes our voter I.D. bill creates.

“And it doesn’t stop there,” Oliver says. “It also places all voting booths on buoys that are only accessible by yacht.”

Oliver played a clip of state senate majority leader Phil Berger responding to criticism that references only one example of in-person voter fraud has been found in the state.

“You could have gotten the same result by just passing a bill that said, ‘Dave can’t vote; he knows why,’” Oliver says.

From there, Oliver poked fun at more of North Carolina’s recent bills, especially the new abortion regulation bill that was initially added to a House bill banning Sharia law.

“Let me just understand this: you’re adding abortion restrictions to legislation banning the making of laws based upon religious belief?” Oliver says. “That’s like passing a bill banning high fructose corn syrup and adding a provision naming the state animal the gummy bear.”

He also looked at the final abortion bill that passed the Senate, which was added onto another unrelated bill. Although, as Oliver points out, perhaps they were more related than we thought.

“Is it that both of them involve guys in leather jackets your parents didn’t want you to date?” Oliver says.

At the end of his jokes at the General Assembly expense, Oliver had one important message, although it wasn’t for us.

“After a North Carolina legislative session like this, I think the big takeaway might be: your move, South Carolina,” Oliver says.

If you would like to tell John Oliver what you think about his jokes, he will be performing at the DPAC on November 9.