RALEIGH- Governor Pat McCrory says he will sign into law the controversial abortion bill passed by the House earlier this week. McCrory had previously said he would veto the Senate’s version of the bill, which called for abortion clinics to be regulated as ambulatory surgical centers. It also mandated that a doctor be present for all stages of an abortion procedure.

The House version of the bill is slightly less stringent. It calls for the Department of Health and Human Services to develop new regulations that do not limit access to abortion services. In a statement released on Friday, McCrory called the House version “an improved bill which will better protect women while not further limiting access.”

McCrory has drawn fire in recent weeks as critics say he has abandoned a campaign promise to not support any measure that would restrict abortions.

However, the governor’s approval might not matter much in the long run, as Republicans in the House and Senate have large enough majorities to override any veto.