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CHAPEL HILL – Lynette Hartsell, an attorney for 30 years, announced Friday that she filed for Ellie Kinnaird’s seat in the NC Senate.

Hartsell says she thinks she could represent some of the ideas that Kinnaird fought for during her time.

“I think the reason she is stepping down is telling about the process that is taking place there, but I believe that she and I are on the same page in regard to issues that she has fought for” Hartsell stated.

Recently, the NC Congress has passes a number of laws that Kinnaird argued against, like the Voter I.D. bill and the Motorcycle bill that restricted abortion in the state.  Hartsell says she sees many issues with the NC General Assembly and wants to change some of what has happened.

“Well I think that obviously, the main issue has to do with a lot of the redistricting that’s taking place, and a lot of the voter ids that are attempting to be passed an enforced, but I think most importantly too are the economic issues that involve all the citizens of the state” Hartsell said.

Kinnaird’s open seat will only be a temporary appointment until elections in 2014.  Many of the people who have filed for this seat have many years of experience holding office, like Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton, former N.C. House member, Alice Bordsen, and current N.C. House member, Valerie Foushee.  Hartsell says she has many years of experience in law, but has little when it comes to holding office.

“No I haven’t, in terms of holding an office not at all, I’ve always just been involved in various grassroots efforts to get people elected” Hartsell commented.

Hartsell is among seven candidates looking for the appointment, all ranging in experience.

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