CHAPEL HILL – Matt Hughes, Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party, says the field of potential nominees is likely set for the now vacant N.C. House of Representatives District 50 seat.

Names on that list include Orange County Commissioner Bernadette Pelissier, attorney Drew Nelson, and Graig Meyer, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools’ Director of Student Equity and Volunteer Services. Hughes says one additional person is still contemplating throwing their name in the hat, but he can’t reveal anything more.

At noon Wednesday, Valerie Foushee’s resignation from the State House took effect. She was then sworn into the state Senate District 23 seat, previously held by nine-term senator Ellie Kinnaird.

A selection committee is charged with nominating a replacement for Foushee in the House. The group is made up of four Democratic officials from District 50, which encompasses parts of rural Orange and Durham Counties.

Meyer resigned his seat on the committee to seek appointment to the House. Once his spot is filled, a date will be set to choose who will take the seat in the House.

“We will be having a meeting on October 1 to select the fourth committee member that will help in turn to select the new member of the House of Representatives from District 50,” Hughes says.

Hughes hopes to have a new District 50 representative named by October 14 or 15.