Women who visited specific branches of UNC Health Care for prenatal examinations may have had their personal information released to outside agencies by mistake.

A release was issued on Monday by the university-based medical system that elaborated on which of its former patients are likely to be affected by the alleged breach.

Those patients may have passed through the Women’s Clinic of the North Carolina Women’s Hospital or UNC Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Rex Hospital within the last three years.

The breach is the apparent result of those clinics mailing the pregnancy home risk screening forms of Medicaid-ineligible patients to local health departments.

Those forms list the social security numbers, home addresses and demographic information of patients as well as notes about their physical and mental health.

According to the release, corrective actions taken by UNC Health Care include the issuance of form recall requests to outside agencies and policy revisions.

Former patients who may have been affected by the breach are encouraged to call the medical system at 1-800-596-8362 for additional information.