During the Carrboro Board of Aldermen meeting this past Tuesday, Carrboro Police Chief Walter Horton and Captain Chris Atack proposed the idea of both body-worn cameras as well as in-car cameras for Carrboro police.

Chief Horton discussed the benefits that would come from the ability to review the footage collected and provide more reliable information about various criminal situations where eyewitness testimonies can be unreliable.

“These cameras would allow us, when we do receive complaints, to go back and answer that; review what happened, whether good or bad,” informs Chief Horton.

The Policy Director from the ACLU of North Carolina, Sarah Preston, also spoke in support of the police cameras. She reassured the Board on the efforts Carrboro police would make in order to provide accurate information about what they encounter while on patrol, while also encouraging a strong policy to keep it in check.

“The ACLU believes that the police use of body-mounted cameras has the potential to be a win/win,” says Preston, “but really only if you have a solid policy in place.”

The Board will review the proposal made by the Carrboro police and will make a decision about the cameras in the upcoming weeks.