Orange County Emergency officials rescued a dog that had fallen through ice into a pond on Sunday morning.

A post on the Sherriff’s Office Facebook page credited an alert citizen that noticed the dog, Petey, and alerted authorities.

Deputies were able to retrieve a boat from an off-duty Carrboro Police Officer who was nearby. Officials from the Alamance County Rescue Unit, Mebane Fire Department and Orange County Animal Services used the boat and broke through the ice to get to Petey.

The dog was then treated in an ambulance “with lots of blankets in order to warm him up.”

Officials say they aren’t sure how long Petey was in the water, “but we’re certain that without the teamwork of all the folks that were involved today, Petey might not have made it home.”

Petey is expected to make a full recovery.

You can see a video clip of the rescue courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office below: