Law enforcement officers all over North Carolina recently carried out a two-week “Booze It and Lose It” initiative called “Operation Firecracker,” in an effort to keep roadways safe around the July 4th holiday.

Operation Firecracker was carried out from June 17 through July 6th, by proclamation of the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

Speaking recently with WCHL, Chapel Hill Police Department Public Information Officer Lt. Josh Mecimore broke down some of the results in Chapel Hill over that two-week period.

“The first week we had 94 charges: 54 for speeding, four for DWI,” said Mecimore. “And then for the second week we had 174 charges: 80 for speeding, 12 for seatbelt violations and two for DWI.”

Mecimore said the DWI numbers may be slightly higher than he provided.

He explained that the data he was citing showed only the most serious offenses each individual was charged with.

Sometimes, he said, drunk driving didn’t make it to the top of the list.

During “Operation Firecracker,” Chapel Hill Police conducted a couple of checkpoints, as well as saturation patrols in various sections of Chapel Hill.