An American black bear, not the one sighted in Carrboro. Photo courtesy of DaBler.

CARRBORO – Carrboro Police confirm that there is at least one black bear moving south across the town after three separate reports of bear sightings in the last two days.

Carrboro police lieutenant Chris Atack says no police officials have reported seeing the bear, but the reported sightings are consistent.

“On our side, we’re pretty confident it is a black bear,” Atack says.

As of 10:30 a.m., the bear was seen near Smith Level Road. Based on previous sightings, Atack says he believes the bear is headed south.

“I don’t know if it’s the same bear or not, but we would hope it would be the same bear and it’s headed for a less populated area,” Atack says.

Black bears are typically not hostile, according to Atack, but residents should keep their distance and avoid attracting or taming the bear.

“Eliminate food sources that are left outside your house; avoid feeding your animals outside or leaving food unattended,” Atack says. “All of those can attract bears.”

Animal control has been called, but they tend to allow bears to leave on their own. Atack says black bears are only relocated when they become problematic, like when they become used to humans feeding them and begin to approach people.

A pamphlet from the N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission on how to interact around bears: CoexistWithBears