School’s almost back in session, and teachers are getting ready – which, in many cases, means paying out of pocket for essential school supplies.

Many teachers – here and nationwide – say they spend hundreds of dollars of their own money each year for supplies, without which their classes couldn’t run.

But this week, some teachers in the CHCCS district will get a bit of a break – thanks to the East Chapel Hill Rotary Club, which has operated a “Teacher Supply Store” every year since 2008. This year, 440 teachers will receive a $75 voucher to shop in the store – open for two days this Wednesday and Thursday – for supplies ranging from pens and pencils to facial tissues.

Daniel Corley of the East Chapel Hill Rotary Club spoke to WCHL’s Aaron Keck on the Tuesday afternoon news.

The Teacher Supply Store is open Wednesday from 2-6 pm and Thursday from 2-5 pm at the American Legion Hut in Chapel Hill. CHCCS superintendent Tom Forcella will attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday at 2:00.