Governor Roy Cooper issued Executive Order number 16 last Thursday, establishing the Governor’s Teacher Advisory Committee composed of 25 teachers and support personnel.

The Committee will advise Gov. Cooper on policies and the state budget along with serving as education ambassadors, representing Gov. Cooper at designated events, and maintaining communication with local boards of education and stakeholders.

Gov. Cooper also released a back-to-school video on Thursday thanking teachers for their hard work and discussing his upcoming goals for public schools.

“I recently named my teacher advisory committee which includes teachers from public schools across North Carolina. They want to hear from you too. Please share your ideas with them,” said Cooper. “I want you to expect a lot of me as your governor too. I’ve set ambitious goals. Making North Carolina a top ten educated state by 2025. By increasing pre-k enrollment, raising high school education rates, and increasing the percentage of North Carolinians with some higher education. I welcome your thoughts on how we can get there.”

Just last week, Gov. Cooper kicked off a school supply drive which will go on until September 8th to help teachers cover school supply needs in public schools.

Gov. Cooper says he hopes his goals will make it so that in the future, a school supply drive isn’t needed.

“You deserve support and resources to get the job done including better pay, more high quality professional development opportunities, and more funds for classroom supplies so you don’t have to dip into your own pocket. But you can’t do it alone,” said Gov. Cooper.

Residents and parents are encouraged to email the new committee with ideas, questions and suggestions at