AL Stanback Middle School in Orange County will be closing at noon on Wednesday while repairs are made to the school’s air-conditioning system.

School officials said in a message to parents there were concerns with the HVAC malfunctioning and the hot temperatures on Wednesday, which are expected to surpass 90 degrees.

Officials said that fans and water stations were placed throughout the hallways and the building “to keep students and staff cool and hydrated” on Wednesday. Maintenance staff has been working and will continue to work through the day to repair the system.

No other schools in the Orange County System are affected by any malfunctions or early dismissals.

The full message sent to parents in Spanish and English is posted below:

“Due to a malfunctioning air conditioning system and rising seasonal temperatures, AL Stanback middle school will release early tomorrow at 12pm. There will be fans and water stations throughout the hallways and the building to keep students and staff cool and hydrated. Maintenance staff will be working throughout the day to repair the air conditioning system.

No other schools are affected by this. Again, AL Stanback will release tomorrow at 12pm. Please make sure that your student has transportation available.”