Orange County is working to mitigate the impact of a computer virus that forced the shutdown of the entire network on Monday.

Officials said early detection and rapid response from the county Information Technology Department helped to alleviate some concerns.

“The damage was not as severe as originally anticipated.”

The county is working with “network security experts from the state, the National Guard and the FBI.” But officials said re-infection “is a concern” because of the breadth of the units impacted.

“The county has begun the process of restoring services but is taking a measured approach. Every desktop and laptop computer connected to the county network has to be examined for the virus. As many as 100 computers have been infected and will have to be cleaned and repaired before they can be returned to service.”

Public WiFi from the county is functioning again, as of Tuesday afternoon. “County email has been restored but many county employees still do not have access because they cannot turn on their computer yet.”