Two people in the area tested positive for tuberculosis last week, and there’s concern that a couple hundred students at Durham’s Northern High School might have been exposed.

The first reported case involved a UNC student; the second case involved a student at Northern High. Both are now being treated (and isolated), but ABC11 reports that 266 students and staff members at Northern are going to be tested for TB this week, just in case.

TB is an airborne disease that affects the lungs. It’s rare in this area, but it’s not unheard of: the Herald Sun reports there were 11 cases of active TB in Durham County last year.


Attorneys Mark Dorosin and Elizabeth Haddix have officially lost their jobs at the UNC Center for Civil Rights, following the Board of Governors’ decision last month to ban the center from engaging in active litigation.

But Dorosin and Haddix are now taking steps toward creating a new entity, independent of UNC, to continue the center’s litigation work.

The N&O reports Dorosin and Haddix have officially filed papers to create a new nonprofit called the Julius Chambers Center for Civil Rights – named after the man who founded the UNC Civil Rights Center.

In the meantime, UNC’s Center for Civil Rights will remain in existence – conducting research but doing little else.


Chris Rosati of Durham has passed away at the age of 46. Rosati was diagnosed with ALS seven years ago – and ever since, he’s devoted his life to spreading kindness. He started by getting Krispy Kreme to hand out a bus full of free donuts in Durham; later, he founded an organization called Big Idea for the Greater Good (or BIGG), which now works in schools to encourage students to come up with ways to spread kindness to others.

Rosati passed away on Wednesday.


The US Senate Judiciary Committee has signed off on President Trump’s appointment of Thomas Farr to fill a seat on one of North Carolina’s three district courts. That seat has been vacant for more than a decade: George W. Bush nominated Farr when he was president, but Democrats refused to confirm him then; Barack Obama also tried to fill the seat, but Republicans rejected his nominations.

Farr is a well-known GOP attorney with a long history of advocating for conservative causes; progressives have pushed back hard against his nomination, but the American Bar Association rates him as “well-qualified.”