The Inter-Faith Council for Social Services, a non-profit advocacy group that supports homeless residents of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, has partnered with a search firm to find its next executive director.

Michael Reinke served as the executive director for the IFC before stepping down in August – an event that prompted the group’s board of directors to request the return of his predecessor, John Dorward.

Dorward retired in 2015 after 35 years of work for non-profit groups. He noted that his reintroduction to the workforce is temporary, as executive recruiters have been asked by the IFC to find his replacement.

Interviews are being conducted by moss+ross, a Durham-based consulting agency that caters to non-profit groups. Dorward explained that finalists will undergo a public review as early as next February.

According to Dorward, input from volunteers on who should assume responsibility for the IFC is critical. Over 750 volunteers worked a total of more than 30,000 hours for the group during the last fiscal year.

A bulletin released by moss+ross states that the ideal candidate for the position is “a confident and proven fundraiser” with experience “developing effective working relationships with government funding liaisons.”

The IFC was founded in 1963 to address conditions of poverty in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. It sheltered 357 people last year as the sole provider of residential services to the homeless population of Orange County.