CHAPEL HILL –  The new director of the Chapel Hill Public Library, Susan Brown, says as additional hours of operation are being restored to the library, she wants public feedback in the process.

The library’s “30 Second Survey,” running through Tuesday, is asking when patrons would like to see the additional hours added to the schedule.

“We ask folks to rank which hours would be most important for them to be added back in,” Brown explained. “We have the option to pick Saturdays, Sundays, and week day mornings and week day evenings. They can simply rank them 1-4. We also have a place for, if people want to leave comments about the hours, they can do so.”

The Chapel Hill Town Council recently approved an additional $244,000 in library funding to keep the library open 64 hours a week. The newly expanded facility had been cut down to 54 hours when it reopened this spring due to the building’s higher operating expenses.

Brown says the goal is to put six hours back into the schedule soon, and then the survey will help determine when the rest should be added.

“In my position here now, I really want to start more conversations with our users because this is their library,” Brown said. “This is one way to do so. This survey isn’t the answer but it’s really going to get us to a really informed answer.”

There are also paper copies at all service points in the library.

Click here for the library’s website. The survey is featured in the top slider.