An American Legion post commander said that Chapel Hill residents shouldn’t expect to see a “For Sale” sign in front of the Post 6 building on Legion Road any time soon.

Post Commander Lee Heavlin said that a publicized meeting this past Thursday night allowed members to discuss the future of the 8,378-square-foot building at 1714 Legion Road.

But it was not, he said, even close to being a vote on whether to sell, as some people seem to believe.

“We asked the permission of the members to investigate different kinds of ideas on what we can do to make our post the best post possible in the area for our local veterans,” said Heavlin.

The building is more than 50 years old. The executive members of Post 6 figure that around $500,000 worth of repairs and renovations are needed.

“That post has seen better days,” said Heavlin. “Our question is: OK, in order to fix it up, it’s going to cost at least a quarter of a million dollars. And so, is that the best use of our money?”

Fixing it up is one option. The committee has come up with four others. Post 6 could just decide to do nothing. The post could, perhaps, exist without a physical home.

Thirty-one acres of the property could be sold, and Post 6 could build something new on the remaining four.

Or, the American Legion post could sell the whole thing and move.

Exploring some of those options involves talking to outside sources, and Heavlin said executive members wanted permission from all members first.

Heavlin said that all five options will be researched over the next year. At some point, he said, the committee will come to members with a recommendation to vote on.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools has expressed interest in the property, according to Heavlin.