CHAPEL HILL – If you’re taking a road trip this Easter Weekend you can rejoice!

Since peaking at $3.80 on Feb. 22, the average cost of a gallon of gas in North Carolina has fallen to $3.64.

“Fuel prices are down about 25 cents this Easter Weekend compared to last year,” said Janeane Flow of AAA.

Flow says more people will be on the roads this weekend because the weather forecast calls for pleasant conditions.

As we head into the summer travel season, Flow explains we can expect gas prices to remain lower than last year barring any supply issues from the Middle East.

“With gasoline prices being lower, we do expect people to travel more this year. People are probably tired of recently cutting back travel plans,” Flow explained.

Flow says the popular destinations are predicted to be beaches of North and South Carolina as well as Walt Disney world.

And if you are taking a long road trip, Flow advises to take a break every one to two hours or once every one hundred miles.