U.S. Representative David Price of North Carolina’s District 4 stopped by WCHL this past Tuesday to discuss a variety of topics, including domestic energy policy.

One listener on Facebook wanted to know what could be done to get the nation and North Carolina on a safe, sustainable energy path that mitigates climate change.

Price answered that a comprehensive approach is needed. He reminded listeners that during the early days of President Obama’s first term, the Democrat-controlled House passed a cap-and-trade bill to reduce greenhouse gases.

“That didn’t make it through the Senate,” said Price. “And then, of course, with the political change in 2010, we had divided government, with the Republicans pretty much saying they weren’t going to take any kind of comprehensive approach.”

He said that since then, the government has made “piecemeal” progress on energy issues.

“By piecemeal, I mean things like a research agenda for the smart grid; research agenda for more alternative fuels; more efficiency; just a whole, clean energy, energy efficiency research agenda,” said Price.

Price added that an array of tax incentives won broad congressional support to promote conservation practices and the use of renewables.