Agrabah is the fictional setting for the 1992 Disney film, Aladdin.

According to Public Policy Polling, 30 percent of Republicans support bombing it.

Public Polling Polling shared the findings from a new poll Friday.  The poll surveyed 532 Republican primary voters.

The poll asks various questions regarding the Republican presidential candidates.  Donald Trump still leads the field at 34 percent.  Ted Cruz is second on the list at 18 percent.  Marco Rubio is the only other candidate in double digits, with 13 percent.

Public Policy Polling also asked about various issues including gun control, terrorism, and the minimum wage.

The poll also asked, “Would you support or oppose bombing Agrabah?”

Once again, remember that Agrabah is the country from the movie, Aladdin.

Thirty percent of Republican primary voters support bombing the made up place, 13 percent oppose the bombing.  Most voters, 57 percent, were not sure.

Public Policy Polling tweeted their finding about the country from Aladdin.  It was retweeted over 10,000 times.  Aladdin and Agrabah both were trending topics on the social network.

In case you are curious, 45 percent of Trump supporters are in favor of bombing Aladdin.

Democratic voters also were asked the question about Aladdin and Agrabah.  Nineteen percent of Democratic voters support the bombing and 36 percent oppose.

We truly are entering a whole new world of politics.