CHAPEL HILL – This Saturday, Krispy Kreme celebrated its 76th birthday. Krispy Kremes around the nation offered customers a deal – buy one dozen, get a second dozen for 76 cents.

People young and old have their favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut.

“Maybe sprinkle doughnut, sprinkle doughnut, blueberry cake, the apple fritter apple and cinnamon apple, chocolate chip caramel cake,” said employees and customers in Krispy Kreme on its 76th anniversary.

The Krispy Kreme on Franklin Street welcomed many customers, said employee Justin Ellis.

“We’ve been very, very busy,” said Ellis. “Everybody has been coming in and participating, buying dozens by the galore. The biggest dozen we had today was about twenty dozen.”

Assistant manager of Krispy Kreme in Fayetteville, Gail Copeland, traveled to Chapel Hill to provide back-up for the busy day.

“This morning we’ve probably sold maybe a hundred dozen or more,” said Copeland.

Customers came from all over to indulge in Krispy Kreme’s signature doughnuts.

Lilly Grey and Oliver Beady of Chapel Hill celebrated the day by eating their favorite sprinkle doughnuts with their father.

Hannah Harkey from Charlottesville, Virginia was visiting Chapel Hill with a friend. After finding a Krispy Kreme on Franklin Street, she says she was eager to have a doughnut.

“We looked and we found a Krispy Kreme and I haven’t seen a Krispy Kreme in so long,” said Harkey. “I was really excited.”

Harkey, like many, remembers the first time she experienced Krispy Kreme.

“I love it,” said Harkey. “I still remember the first time it opened. We went and got to see all the doughnuts coming through and got our free little sample. It was a really special experience that I’ve never really gotten at any other doughnut place.”

Founded in Winston-Salem on July 13, 1937, Krispy Kreme has roots in North Carolina, but remains popular beyond the state’s borders.

Krispy Kreme on Franklin Street is located at 157 E. Franklin Street. To find out more about Krispy Kreme, click here.