Chapel Hill firefighters are part of the delegation of the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 8 that has been deployed to Texas to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The USAR Task Force 8 is made up from a partnership that includes personnel from Raleigh and Durham. Chapel Hill fire chief Matt Sullivan wrote in an e-mail to town staff that the crew members would be deploying on Thursday, August 31.

Sullivan wrote that CHFD would be sending the team leader and three additional personnel along with boats. Sullivan anticipated that the crew would be deployed for 9-10 days.

In the event that swift water personnel are needed locally while the team is deployed, Sullivan wrote that the department would rely on “mutual aid partners” along with CHFD trained personnel and other members who had not been deployed to Texas.

Any cost associated with the department members being deployed will be reimbursed.

CHFD has sent crews to help in other events across North Carolina recently, including the wildfires in the western portion of the Tar Heel State last November.