NEW YORK — Stocks have been on an impressive run this year, but a new poll suggests Americans aren’t expecting it to continue in the coming year.

Higher corporate earnings, a slow but steady recovery in the U.S. economy and stimulus from the Federal Reserve have fueled this year’s rally, that’s seen the S&P 500 surge nearly 25 percent.

The Associated Press-GfK poll finds 40 percent of those surveyed think the market will stabilize where it is now by the end of 2014, with 39 percent predicting that it will drop, but not crash. Only 14 percent believe the market will rise and 5 percent think it will crash.

The poll also suggests the general public is less optimistic than investment professionals. Few market strategists expect stocks to keep climbing at the pace they have this year, but many see the market continuing to make gains at a slower rate.

Overall, 20 percent of investors say they plan to invest more heavily in the market in the coming year, 22 percent will pull back, and 57 percent plan to invest at about the same level as in 2013.