Tuesday at 6 p.m., Orange County residents will get another opportunity to present their views to the Board of Commissioners about a proposed Solid Waste Service Tax District for recycling pickup.

The meeting will be the second of two scheduled public hearings to address the issue.

The proposed tax district would replace the annual $38 Rural 2-R Fee that was discontinued after 2012.

The fee had been added to property tax bills for eight years.

In 2012, legal concerns about the fee forced Orange County to come up with new ideas. Last year, interim funding for recycling was provided from landfill reserves.

The Board of Commissioners will soon decide whether there’s enough public support and participation to justify creating a service district for unincorporated areas.

It would mean that residents would be taxed 1.5 cents per every 100 dollars of assessed land value for bi-weekly curbside pickup.

The Orange County Solid Waste Management Department has recommended that Commissioners make a final decision by April 15.

The Orange County Board of Commissioners meets April 1 at 6 p.m. at the Department of Social Services, located at Hillsborough Commons.

You can view the full agenda here.