CARRBORO- The search is on for Carrboro’s next police chief. Town Manager David Andrews says they had 101 applicants so far—after he only expected 60 at the most. Now they’ve narrowed it down to seven.

“We’re trying to be as objective as we can and find the most qualified candidate. And also ones that we really be a great fit for the community and share the same values that Carrboro does,” Andrews said.

Andrew has been working with Developmental Associates to assist with the recruitment. The interview process for the top 15 included a phone interview, responses to written survey questions, and emotional intelligence testing.

Based on these evaluations, seven candidates were invited to Carrboro to participate in an assessment evaluation by panel of local citizens and police chiefs on May 30 and 31.

“We need someone who will value diversity, social justice, be sensitive to community issues and also to work in a college community. This is not ‘Any Town, USA.’ It’s very special here in Carrboro,” he said said.

Outgoing Carrboro Police Chief Carolyn Hutchison is stepping down in October after 29 years with the department.

The final decision of the new chief will be up to Andrews.