HILLSBOROUGH- Female health issues took center stage on Saturday morning, when a group of women from all across Orange County headed for the Hillsborough Depot to discuss several issues surrounding feminine values.

The event, which was entitled “What Do Women Want,” was the first in a series of workshops designed to celebrate female empowerment. Liz Gilson Aaron of Weight Loss For Good, who served as one of several guest speakers at the event, says body image was a hot topic.

“There was actually a discussion about whether body image is something that afflicts all women,” she says. “We came to the conclusion that pretty much all women have issues that they use as a yardstick that they use to measure their overall worth or appearance.”

Custom perfumer Regina Gale also delivered remarks during the morning, along with local author and poet Sheridan Bushnell. Bushnell read several excerpts from her one-woman show, entitled “Untamed Women of the New Millennium.” A question and answer session followed each speaker’s presentation.

Gilson Aaron says she was satisfied with the turnout at Saturday’s event, and she expects the number of attendees to grow as the series continues.

“There were probably eight or nine people there, I’d say, but that was a good turnout for a first meeting,” she says. “We do plan to gather other experts on different topics that are interesting to women for a Saturday morning presentation, probably on a monthly basis.”

Next up, Gilson Aaron says she’s planning another similar event for sometime in June, but no definite date has been set at this time. For all of the latest updates, click here.