CHAPEL HILL-Here in the Southern Part of Heaven we have an abundance of impressive individuals and groups who go to great lengths to support charitable causes.  One group which deserves special mention in this category is Boy Scout Troop 845, chartered by Carrboro United Methodist Church.  All boy scout troops participate in outdoor activities and engage in community service, but Troop 845 often takes things to the next level or beyond. Troop 845 has taken the four longest trips in the history of scouting in the U.S., including two previous coast-to-coast bike trips and a 543 mile hike along and ancient pilgrimage route in Spain, known as the Way of St. James.  During the course of these trips, Troop 845 has raised over $56,000 for Lineberger Cancer Center.  In addition to these fund raising trips for Lineberger, Troop 845 has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity International to build houses in Guatemala and Paraguay.

On June 10th, ten local teens and two adult leaders from Troop 845 are headed across the U.S. again, 3700 miles from the Chesapeake Bay to the Pacific Ocean.  As a play on the year 2013, the group have dubbed themselves “Lucky 13”.  In typical, Troop 845 style, there will be no support vehicle during the 10 week trip as the boys carry all of their gear while camping in parks, firehouse lawns, and friends back yards along the way.  The scouts are partnering with Lineberger Cancer Center again and have set a goal to raise $30,000 during this summer’s ride.

In a special interview, I spoke with trip leader Assistant Scout Master Brian Burnham and ride participant Chapel Hill School 10th grader Hugh Kelly about the trip and fund raising efforts. Here’s our conversation:
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