Stephen Colbert addressed North Carolina’s controversial “HB2” in a sketch Tuesday night.

The host began his show by addressing the recent cancellations of artists like Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen along with decisions made by companies like Paypal.  The comedian stated:

“I believe it is not my job to deny you my talents; I believe it is possible to use the magic of television to bridge our differences. I mean, for Pete’s sake, even after the Civil War, great figures like Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee believed this country could come together. That’s why I will never withhold this show from anyone.”

While making the Civil war analogy, men dressed as Lincoln and Lee stood behind the host.  Lincoln and Lee shook hands, embraced, and then began to kiss.

Tuesday afternoon, the United States 4th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a decision that barred a transgender teenager from using the boy’s bathroom at his high school in rural Virginia.  This ruling could impact the legal fight over North Carolina’s controversial law.  The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina, along with the national ACLU and Lambda Legal, have filed a lawsuit challenging House Bill 2 saying it puts the state at risk of losing more than $4 billion in Title IX funding.