CHAPEL HILL – You can now follow the book “Good Night Carolina” through Chapel Hill with a phone app.

As part of a tourism initiative, the Orange County Visitors Bureau partnered with producers of the book “Good Night Carolina” to make the tourism scavenger hunt app.

“Good Night Carolina,” written by Missy Julian Fox, Marie Myers Lloyd, and illustrated by Elaine O’Neil is a children’s book based on the classic Goodnight Moon, with a focus on Chapel Hill and Carolina.

Executive director of the Orange County Visitors Bureau, Laurie Paolicelli, says the book is like a love letter to Chapel Hill that takes readers through the town.

“It takes visitors, residents, tar heels of all ages, through a journey of the area highlighting 37 lo cal places from Franklin Street and the Farm Market to Maple view, but it’s really something I call edutainment” Paolicelli says.

When the writers of the book came to the Orange County Visitors Bureau, Paolicelli says they saw an opportunity to make this book into a family event.

“What we’re seeing is more and more families looking for that family piece and we didn’t have it, we read the book and thought Aha, how can we bring this to life for all tourists” Paolicelli states.

The new scavenger hunt app allows for visitors to see all of the sites in the book and get a piece of information.  Paolicelli says the app also features some of the artwork by Elaine O’Neil.

“It’s a download, and it uses Elaine’s art, her textile images, and it highlights the three dozen places in the book” Paolicelli says.

The app is now available on smart phones for free, but a brochure scavenger hunt is also available online.  Paolicelli says she took the brochure tour and that it gives a people a new playful look at the town.

“It’s very fun, you get a more playful look at the community, because we publish, we guide, we inform, but this is really personal” Paolicelli says.

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