NC House Representative Verla Insko, a Democrat representing Orange County District 56, is responding to accusations that she thinks women can get prostate cancer.

The Carolina Mercury reported that a YouTube video released by America Rising PAC was edited in a way that gives that impression.

Here’s Insko, in a cut from the one-minute video:

“You’re saying the treatment for prostate cancer is covered by health insurance. What percent of the prostate cancer patients are women?”

Her question was posed to Dr. Chris Conver during a recent hearing on the Affordable Care Act.

Insko says America Rising took her question out of context. On her Facebook page, she said it was not intended seriously. She just wanted to make a point about coverage for women’s health issues.

The video has been making the rounds on Facebook. And it’s bringing her some negative feedback.

In response to an email from someone who called her a “moron,” Insko replied that she knows women don’t have prostates.

She went on to say:

“The health insurance plan I have is the same as male state employees. I’m not complaining that my insurance covers treatment for prostate cancer or Viagra or testosterone.”

Insko is running against Republican David Pratt Carter to retain her House seat.