North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan has a seven-point lead over Republican Thom Tillis in her bid for re-election, according to a recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Hagan now has a 41 to 34 lead on Tillis, bringing her up two points in May and five points in June. Libertarian candidate, Sean Haugh has voter support of 8 percent.

PPP Director Tom Jensen attributes Hagan’s spike in supporters to North Carolinians’ disapproval towards the General Assembly, as only 19 percent of voters say they currently approve of the state legislature, while 57 percent disapprove.

“With Thom Tillis being one of the two main leaders of the General Assembly, we’re definitely finding that that overall unpopularity of the legislature is rubbing off on him,” Jensen said. “He has just a 24 percent favorability rating, while 47 percent of voters see him unfavorably.”

However, Hagan can’t get too comfortable before November. Jensen told WCHL that the poll also asked Libertarian supporters to choose between a Democratic and Republican candidate, and most said they would vote for Tillis, closing the gap once again to 42-39.

In fact, both Tillis and Hagan have consistently tallied negative approval numbers, and Jensen describes this race as one where “the people don’t really care for either candidate.”