The Orange County Board of Elections will hear from the public Tuesday at a meeting that could determine whether early-voting hours for the fall election will be expanded on Saturday, and perhaps extended to Sunday.

“What I’m hoping is that the Board will be receptive to the idea of extending hours on Saturday – currently the hours are from 9 to 1 – to expand those hours just two or three hours so that folks have more time on Saturday in order to vote,” said Chairperson Matt Hughes of the Orange County Democratic Party.

Hughes said that while work obligations may prevent him from attending, he hopes that a fellow member of the Orange Democrats will be there at the Board of Elections to deliver a petition to expand voting hours.

Hughes said that the three-member Orange County Board of Elections, made up of two Republicans and one Democrat, is also being asked to add Sunday to the early-voting period.

“There are a lot of families where folks work six days a week,” said Hughes. “Sunday’s the only day they have off as a family to go vote.

He said there are also religious accommodations to consider.

“Particularly those of the Jewish faith, who work Monday through Friday, and then Saturday is their Sabbath,” said Hughes. “And they would like to continue to respect the Sabbath, but also exercise the right to vote.”

The early voting period for the upcoming election begins October 23 and ends November 1.

The Orange County Board of Elections is located at 208 South Cameron Street in Hillsborough. The meeting begins at 11 a.m.

You can add your name to the early-voting petition here.