CHAPEL HILL – Recently released finance reports show modest campaign spending in this year’s Chapel Hill Town Council race, with nearly half the candidates reporting less than $1,000 dollars.

Of the nine candidates running for a seat on the Chapel Hill Town Council, George Cianciolo has raised and spent the most money thus far.

According to campaign finance reports released last week, Cianciolo has raised nearly $9,000 and spent approximately half that.

Cianciolo is seeking his first term on the council after serving as the co-chair of last year’s Chapel Hill 2020 community visioning process.

Incumbent Sally Greene has raised $7,200 and spent just more than $3,000.

Challengers Loren Hintz, Amy Ryan and Maria Palmer have raised $3,500, $3,200 and $2,900 respectively.

The other four candidates in the race have raised less than $1,000 apiece, including Mayor Pro Tem Ed Harrison, who’s seeking his fourth term on the council.

Early voting starts October 17, Election Day is November 5. You can find out about each of the candidates by visiting the Election Central page on our website,