New apartment units will be coming to the newly named Blue Hill District in Chapel Hill.

Approval letters were signed off on by town manager Roger Stancil on Friday for the two new projects, according to the town website.

Stancil wrote in an e-mail to the Town Council that the projects were “in full compliance” with all necessary parameters – including the Ephesus-Fordham Form Based Code. The form based code allows for the manager’s approval to move a project forward rather than going before the Town Council for a vote.

Stancil says the new projects – Greenfield Commons and Hillstone – will “help implement the vision of the Blue Hill District to become a walkable urban place that fosters a lively and engaging street environment that supports all modes of travel.”

Greenfield Commons is the second project from DHIC to be approved for development recently in Chapel Hill. DHIC is a non-profit that focuses on providing affordable housing options across the Triangle. Greenfield Commons is slated to provide 69 units intended for permanently affordable senior housing. The overall Greenfield development includes a plan for 149 affordable units, counting 80 that are nearing completion on Legion Road.

The Hillstone project is set to revamp the vacant land that was formerly home to the Crown Honda-Volvo car dealership.

The new proposal calls for 328 units across two buildings and a parking deck to be constructed. Stancil’s e-mail to the council says that the developer – Leon Capital Group – will be working to clean up contaminated soils on the site, limit additional impervious surfaces to an additional 11 percent of the site and treat stormwater runoff for half of the site.

The Hillstone project is also receiving approval for construction of a new public street between Legion Road and the Fordham Boulevard Service Road and a new multi-modal path along Fordham Boulevard, in addition to sidewalks, tree plantings and bike lanes.

Both projects meet recently altered guidelines to the form based code regulating walkability and open space standards.

Construction on both projects is scheduled to begin this winter. Greenfield Commons has a target completion date of December 2018, while it may be late 2019 before Hillstone is completed.