CHAPEL HILL-Although ticket scalpers are a common sight outside of sporting events, rarely are there reports of someone being arrested for reselling tickets—but at game two of the UNC – South Carolina baseball showdown last Sunday at Boshamer Stadium, a man was arrested for ticket scalping.

Information specialist with the UNC Department of Safety Randy Young explains that ticket scalping is not inherently illegal, but it’s a crime if the resale price is $3 over the original value.

“Generally, we respond upon complaint,” Young said. “We have been known to go out and engage in operations, particularly to look for this sort of thing, in years past. But the majority of cases, we respond upon complaint if we hear anything.”

While the exact price at which the tickets in question were being resold is not clear, Young described them as “substantially above” the original price.

“We want folks to enjoy Carolina athletics, and if they can’t and need to sell their tickets and try to get their money back, that’s certainly something we support,” Young said. “But we try and keep Carolina athletics as accessible as possible.”

And Young says his department views each ticket as a seat—and each scalped ticket is one less fan who has legitimate access to a game.

“A seat that’s sold in this manner is a seat that’s possibly being taken away from somebody who’s trying to get access to a sporting event through viable means,” Young said.

Sunday’s game ended with an 8-0 win for South Carolina, but the Tarheels went on to win Game Three on Tuesday, sending them to the College World Series to play the N.C. State Wolfpack.