An Orange County man is facing more than three-dozen charges connected to alleged dog fighting.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office officials said in a release that a search warrant was executed at the Rougemont home of 41-year-old Daniel Isiah Crew Jr. last Friday and found evidence of involvement in dog fighting. Crew, who authorities say is currently in custody at the Person County Detention Center, was charged on Monday with 40 counts of felony dog fighting and both misdemeanor and felony counts of animal cruelty, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Orange County Animal Services and members of the Sheriff’s Office seized 30 dogs from 9316 Highway 57 in Rougemont early last month, according to a release. Deputies, during Friday’s search, confiscated “portions of a dog fighting pit, documents and records related to the animals, and treadmills used to exercise the dogs.”

“Fighting dogs for sport is a serious offense that our laws appropriately recognize as a felony,” Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a release. “By its very nature, dog fighting involves the inhumane and cruel treatment of animals. Dog fighting rarely exists in isolation; instead it is usually linked to other forms of organized crime.”

Additional charges “for this defendant and other individuals” are expected as a result of the ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation is asked to contact Investigator Hunter with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at (919) 245-2915.