Chapel Hill has seen an increase in reported larcenies this month according to Police Chief Chris Blue.

“This is that time of year when people are travelling, students are not here, and we have seen a dramatic spike in larcenies in the month of July,” said Blue. “A significant percentage of those are from cars.”

Blue claims that many of these larcenies occurred while the car was unlocked. Nearly $25,000 worth of stolen items has been taken from unlocked cars in the month of July, including three guns. Blue calls the spike in larcenies “concerning.”

“One of the most easily prevented crimes is to keep the good stuff out of your car and lock your car if you must leave anything in there,” said Blue.

Blue also advises to park in well-lit areas when possible.

The summer months tend to bring a spike in residential break-ins as well due to increased travelling. In an effort to thwart this, the police station has started a house check program in which citizens can sign up to have police drive by their house while they are out of town.

“It’s really an important and free service that we’re glad to provide,” said Blue. “It lets us know whether someone is supposed to be in your driveway or not when we drive by.”

To sign up for house check visit the Chapel Hill Police Department page on the Town of Chapel Hill website here.