CHAPEL HILL – After being fired for taking sick days and using them as vacation, a Personnel Appeals Committee says a Chapel Hill Police Officer was wrongly terminated, according to WRAL.

Cpl. Chris King was fired in August for taking sick days during a family vacation in April. Upon discovery, his supervisor suggested King be suspended for a day or two, but Chief Chris Blue made the decision to fire him stating his credibility as an officer was unclear after that action.

Last month, a hearing was held where King, with his lawyer Travis Payne present, admitted to the misuse of sick days. He told the Committee that he believed the punishment was too harsh.

The five-member panel reported to Town Manager Roger Stancil with a recommendation to reinstate King and listed a lesser punishment, though a specific one was not listed.

The report also stated that King’s Supervisor “failed to properly advise” him “of the potential consequences of ‘calling out’ sick” and that he was misled to believe it was acceptable. It said that this kind of behavior was in no way uncommon and that the policy “has not been so strictly enforced in the past.” King had no previous performance issues or other marks of discipline on his record.

Payne previously told WCHL that he believes Stancil would likely take ten to 14 days to review the case with the Committee’s recommendation and make his own recommendation.