CHAPEL HILL— “That was our strategy going into the game. We felt like if we kicked off twice to them, it would help them out. We wanted to see if we could get more time with the defense on the field.”

Those were UNC Head Football Coach Larry Fedora’s words after the home opening win on Saturday. All jokes aside, Coach Fedora was livid at the inexplicable predicament the Tar Heels found themselves in on a gorgeous day in Kenan Stadium underneath picturesque Carolina blue skies.

Yes, Carolina booted the ball away to the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State at the start of both halves of football. I guess the captains were just in a charitable mood. The idyllic weather must have gotten to them or something.

But how did Coach Fedora really feel about the miscommunication? He didn’t like it one bit. He said Ron Cherry, the head official for the game, “was looking at him like an idiot” following the gaffe.

In fact, Coach Fedora said he wasn’t even interested in an explanation from his players. He didn’t let them get any words in.

“I wasn’t really happy, and I didn’t really listen to what they were telling me,” Coach Fedora said.

But the error was really a microcosm of the situation the Tar Heel football team currently finds themselves in. Coach Fedora says the little mistakes are what can turn into big things.

Anyone remember T.J. Thorpe’s untimely fumble on the kickoff against South Carolina?

If UNC really wants to compete at the highest level, these things can’t happen. Yes, we can laugh at it now following the victory, but if the Tar Heels were facing say a Georgia Tech team down in Atlanta that kind of botch could very well cost them the win.

How would you like to give that triple option offense the chance to open proceedings each time out of the locker room?

And oh yeah, that’s right. Coach Fedora’s boys do make the trek down to Hotlanta to face the Jackets here in a couple weeks time. I’d say it’s time to clean their act up, wouldn’t you?