CARRBORO – After 32 years in University Mall, Cameron’s gift shop will be the first business to move into the new 300 East Main Street in Carrboro this weekend.

“Yea, we’re really excited, it’s a hard decision about what to do, whether to stay at the mall or change locations, but then when we heard about 300 East Main it just seemed like a really good fit for us and attracting the type of customers we want to attract, and we really like the growth that we’re seeing in Carrboro,” says Cameron’s co-owner, Bridget Pemberton-Smith. “So, we’re really excited about it.”

She says she and the other owners think the new location will provide the store with some new clients, while still being well-received by its regulars..

“I think some of the clients will be different, I think being under a hotel, that’s going to bring us a lot more tourist traffic, which we’ve always found that people who are visiting Chapel Hill really enjoy our store cause it’s sort of out of the ordinary and it’s not something you’re going to see in every town;” Pemberton-Smith states “but then we also found that a lot of regular customers who are coming over to our current location are from Carrboro, so they’re all really excited to have us move a little closer to them.”

Located on the ground floor of the building that hosts the Hampton Inn, the new store will only be one floor—unlike the two story shop at UMall—making it easier for many shoppers to look around.  Pemberton-Smith says the new location will also allow the addition of some new merchandise.

“We’re going to keep the inventory more or less the same, at least the same sort of genre, but we are bringing in some new lines that we are really excited about, new jewelers, new cards, just a little bit of new everything” Pemberton-Smith says.

The store will re-open on October 15, but will have their official grand opening celebration on November 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  Pemberton-Smith says that Cameron’s doesn’t plan on moving to another location in the near future and the store is encouraging everyone to see its new location next week.