Chapelboro readers / WCHL listeners live in the immediate Chapel Hill area and, 99% likelihood, are Tar Heel fans either from birth or date of residency. So… if you are reading this, you have more than a casual interest in Tar Heel sports; I’m Speaking To YOU – Avid Carolina Fan.

Yet another round of INCOMING rival fan taunts are being generated towards Franklin Street by yet another story about SCANDAL in College Football. No, not that latest “Greg Little and JenniferTheTutor escapade”. That was “old news” – aka two weeks ago.

The current barrage from goggle-eyed spittle-spewing ABCers (“Anybody But Carolina”) is coming through Stillwater Oklahoma. Depending upon your degree of avid fan-ness you already know “the Carolina connection” to the Oklahoma State expose by Sports Illustrated.

UNC Head Coach Larry Fedora and Asst Coach Gunter Brewer were both on the Oklahoma State coaching staff in the middle of the time period being exposed by the SI expose. That’s a fact. Don’t embarrass yourself denying it to any ABCer screaming in your face or taunting you on a fan “monkey board”. Fedora and Brewer WERE indeed on the OSU staff during that period.

My advice to you is to “Stop, Drop and Roll” for the time being… until more details are known. Both Fedora and Brewer have already issued public statements acknowledging they were indeed there… and are both shocked at the preliminary reports of a laundry list of nefarious activities.  A laundry list that includes pretty much all the cliché infractions – drugs, sex, money and academic cheating – that seem to always be rampant in these cases.

Overly-caffeinated college sports partisans (and UNC certainly has its share of those genetic mutants) never need more than a partial smudged fingerprint or microbe of DNA to declare a rival’s coach, player or administrator GUILTY of everything in “the book”; plus jaywalking and ripping labels off mattresses. So the INCOMING taunts (many launched from a certain Brickyard in West Raleigh) already have Fedora and Brewer on the gallows with bags over their heads waiting for the Hangman of Public Opinion to “lynch’em”.

Were you are a hard-core True Blue who emphatically declared “That’s it… there’s nothing more to see here. Move along” when we all learned about “all the parking tickets” two+ years ago? Hopefully you have learned from that reactionary knee-jerk.

The “all those parking tickets” revelation was many months BEFORE the name Julius Nyang’oro became the most often misspelled name in Carolina sports lore since a certain Polish fellow’s name in West Derm beginning with “K”. For the record, both Doherty and Guthridge get misspelled a LOT too. I digress…

Just because you hope “this it nothing” relative to Larry and Gunter doesn’t make it so. But lets all indeed “hope”.

None of us know what awareness and involvement, if any, Fedora and Brewer had in what MIGHT have been taking place in Stillwater. There is already evidence surfacing that the SI expose exaggerated and misreported “some” of the provocative revelations. That is not to say it is all hokum or “bunk”. With such a mushroom cloud of smoke billowing over T. Boone Pickens University… it’s a safe bet that there was nefariousness afoot.

Just because “we like Larry and Gunter” (and I do) does not mean the level of nefariousness in Stillwater was not running deep. Ask yourself… if there was NO Carolina Connection to this, would you be in the lynch mob today demanding the Death Penalty for OSU. Many of you certainly would be.

So… Stop, Drop & Roll for now. These things are like onions (or artichokes) with multiple layers that tend to get peeled over weeks and months. I know you are bone-tired of defending Carolina from these seemingly never-ending bombardments of INCOMING insults and taunts from “local area rival fan bases”. We all are.

Such is the plight of the overtly-avid partisan fan who lives or dies by the latest headline affecting his school or “their school”. For those of you in Chapel Hill… it’s primarily an on-line issue. Think about those of us who live in Raleigh. OUCH!

To avoid these irritating taunts simply avoid the Internet “monkey boards” where such chattering is why they exist. Avoiding the irritating co-worker or n’ere-do-well brother-in-law is a bit more complicated.

Former UNC AD Richard “Dickie” Baddour, in a recent interview about Butch Mess Et Al, when asked “What could you have done to prevent all this?” stated… “I dunno.” To which I reply – “Wow!”

Meanwhile down in Austin Texas. If you’re one of those Carolina fans who still resent how “Mack lied to dem boys” then maybe you’re delighting in watching Mack Brown “melt like the Wicked Witch in a rainstorm”. I’m not one of “those fans”.  I like Mack.

Some Good News maybe… with Mack now firmly strapped in Ol’ Sparky, speculation is rampant over his successor. Larry Fedora might well be on a 10-12 name “not so short list” and might be an excellent long-term choice by Texas… but I do NOT think Larry Fedora is The Marquee Name that The Teasippers will demand. I predict Deloss Dodd will send a blank check to the elusive Chris Peterson at Boise State.  You heard it here folks… Larry Fedora will NOT be “lying to dem boys” and heading to Austin.

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