Season Two:  Larry Fedora….. and The Good Sports!

This Thursday kicks off Season Two of The Larry Fedora Era….. and Season Two of The Good Sports Era on WCHL-FM 97.9.   Beginning at 4:00 PM this Thursday……

With WCHL’s living legend Ron Stutts once again serving as ringmaster, Art Chansky and BobLee bring their patented brand of irreverence and occasional irrelevance to the pre-game festivities for every Carolina Football game this Fall.

If sports is “the Toy Store” of any media organization then Good Sports’ Art and BobLee are Buzz Lightyear and Woody (or maybe Emperor Zurg ?).

With The Tar Heel Sports Network providing the Xs and Os; The Good Sports delivers the more off-beat and obtuse discussions of Carolina Football, The “ever-expanding” ACC, The “evil” NCAA and whether the world will end in Fire or Ice…..  Two hours before EVERY Carolina Football game this Fall on WCHL FM-97.9

….. and that means 4:00 PM this Thursday before the 2013 version of The Fighting Fedorians invade the evil empire of “The ol’ ball coach” – Steve Spurrier.

One of the few coaches who transcends his program….. “Visor Boy” goes out of his way to stir up every opponent’s fan base.  No one does it better (or worse).  Whether its “Free Shoes University” or taking a post-game snapshot of a scoreboard, opposing fans can count on Steve Spurrier to gig’em and ratchet up their desire to whup his team.

Whupping the 6th ranked Gamecocks on national TV this Thursday night will be a tall order for Coach Larry Fedora’s Tar Heels.   Featuring ESPN’s #1 video star Jadeveon Clowney, the Columbia-based Chickens will be ready for Bryn Renner, Eric Ebron, Kareem Martin and Company.

Stopping Larry Fedora’s high-octane offense will be Spurrier and Clowney’s formidable task.

Spurrier’s Chickens are favored.  Making a Tar Heel victory in the unfriendly confines of William Brice Stadium just that much sweeter.

Before Thursday’s 6:00 PM kick-off….. tune in The Good Sports at 4:00 PM on WCHL- FM 97.9.   Art Chansky and BobLee (AND Ron Stutts!) will tell you all you really need to know.