Perhaps best known these days as Hillsborough’s mayor, Tom Stevens is also an accomplished artist – and it’s in that vein that he’s being featured this month at Hillsborough’s Cup-A-Joe coffee shop.

Through the end of July, the Cup-A-Joe will be displaying “Around the Corner,” a collection of landscapes by Stevens. The title, “Around the Corner,” is meant to be taken literally: all the paintings depict locations in Hillsborough, within a couple blocks of the Cup-A-Joe itself.

On Monday, Stevens joined Aaron Keck on the WCHL Afternoon News to discuss the exhibit – as well as the state of the arts in Hillsborough generally.

On Wednesday, July 9, there will be an artist’s reception from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Everyone’s welcome to attend.

Cup-A-Joe is located at 120 W. King Street in downtown Hillsborough.

See more of Stevens’ art here, including pieces from “Around the Corner.”