After spending a portion of the morning on lockdown, Seawell Elementary, Smith Middle and Chapel Hill High School all resumed normal operations on Tuesday.

Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools assistant superintendent Todd Lofrese said that an employee saw a person running into the woods early Tuesday and called police.

The scene quickly began deescalating just before 10:30 Tuesday morning as LoFrese said local authorities gave the all clear.

“The police found the person that someone had seen entering into the trails behind Seawell, and the person was jogging with a knapsack on – it was a hydration-type knapsack, a Camelbak I believe,” LoFrese said. “The person was very cooperative. And I’m happy to say that the police have given us the all clear and all schools in this area – Seawell, Smith and Chapel Hill High – are now resuming normal operations.”

LoFrese said he was not only happy with the resolution of the situation but also with how the school employees handled the event.

“We need to do our due diligence and be aware of who is on school grounds or in the vicinity of school grounds,” LoFrese said. “And a school employee saw something that didn’t look correct and they made the call, which is exactly what we’d want to have happen.”

Chapel Hill Police said no wrongdoing was found on the part of the jogger and no charges are being brought.