The CVS-owned abandoned building in downtown Carrboro will be demolished, according to Mayor Lydia Lavelle.

Lavelle confirmed the news in her weekly interview with WCHL.

The news comes after the Carrboro Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance concerning the state of abandoned buildings earlier this fall that was targeted at that structure at the corner of South Greensboro and Weaver Streets.

“[CVS] has signed a contract with a company to demolish the building that’s on the site,” Lavelle said on Friday. She added plans would have to undergo safety reports and get approval from the state. But Lavelle said the demolition would be taking place “as soon as possible.”

“By the new year, it might be just a flat piece of land there,” Lavelle said.

Lavelle said CVS came to the conclusion to demolish the building after a regional representative for the company did a walk-through of the building with officials from the town.

“The feedback I got was that they all walked in the building, as they walked through there was really no question that it was going to have to be torn down,” Lavelle said. “CVS very quickly and very professionally has moved forward with lining up someone to take care of the deconstruction of the building and cleaning it up.

“So we’re really excited about that.”

The building has been owned by CVS but has fallen into disrepair after it became clear an initial rezoning request by the company was not going to be granted by the board.

Lavelle said that this decision by CVS was “heartening.”

“They’ve really listened to us,” Lavelle said. “When we told them what was happening, they were very responsive.”

Lavelle said it was her impression that plans were ready to be submitted or already had been submitted for a new proposal on the property, but she said she was unaware of any of those details as of Friday afternoon.