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This week on Chatham County Roundup, join Aaron Keck for a conversation with Chatham County commissioner Karen Howard about Chatham’s continuing response to COVID-19, the state of the census, happenings in local schools, our upcoming election and the fight to expand broadband access in Chatham County.

“One part of what this data will enable us to do is to say, you know, ‘of all of the service providers across the state of North Carolina that claim to be providing coverage and make it look like the map is covered 100 percent, here are all of the households that do not have adequate access to broadband service.’ And that that map will actually be part of a federal attempt to provide internet service more broadly like a utility,” said Howard. “So in Chatham, we have the, you know, the ground level problem where we are trying to address it by installing cell towers, by providing co-location sites where the County and the school district have opened up their wifi so that people can use it from parking lots … those are kind of patchwork solutions. The bigger solution within the hands of our general assembly to allow local governments to invest in infrastructure, and at the federal level to treat this like a utility and enforce it as a needed resource across the entire country.”

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